Advanced 4G LTE Signal S-4651 with Bluetooth

The SIGNAL S-4651 is an advanced 4G GPS tracker that guarantees precise vehicle tracking and monitoring. It features Bluetooth, a back-up battery, 1-wire, RS-232, RS-485, and 2xCAN interfaces. With dual SIM card support, SD-card support up to 32GB, and a 6 universal-input feature, it provides a reliable solution to fleet management. Its support for the MODBUS protocol and external GNSS and GSM antennas further enhance its versatility.
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The SIGNAL S-4651 is a state-of-the-art, feature-packed GPS tracking system manufactured by Navtelecom LLC. It is built with cutting-edge technology to deliver high-precision vehicle tracking and monitoring, ensuring the security of your vehicles and the efficiency of your fleet management operations.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Back-up Li-Po battery with 800 mA/h capacity
  • 1-wire, RS-232, RS-485, and 2xCAN interfaces
  • Supports two SIM cards
  • SD-card support for up to 32GB

It is designed to withstand voltage and input surges up to 200V. As for inputs, the device features 6 universal inputs that can function as discrete, analog, frequency, pulse meters, or tachographs, and 4 control outputs.

The integration of 1-Wire and RS-485 interfaces allows for easy data communication and the direct connection through 2xCAN interfaces enhances the efficient transmission of data to CAN bus. The device's built-in Bluetooth 4.0 capability additionally enables two-way communication with the driver. Support for the MODBUS protocol also facilitates efficient data transfer.

This GPS tracker is tailored for vehicle monitoring, including location, track, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, enabling fleet managers to maintain comprehensive control over their vehicles and drivers. It is capable of processing and transmitting data to the server from devices such as tachographs, tire pressure monitoring systems, CAN bus adapters, refrigerator controllers, RFID tag readers, and passenger flow meters.

Additionally, with its advanced features like emergency vehicle hijack informing, engine blocking, driver and passenger attack alert, and remote control of connected devices and vehicle systems, the SIGNAL S-4651 offers unmatched security and control. Moreover, the two-way communication feature ensures drivers can always stay in touch for any immediate support or guidance.

Its innovative design also includes external GNSS and GSM antennas, a 4G modem, SD-card support for up to 32GB, and overvoltage protection for up to 200V. The result? A durable, reliable, and highly functional GPS tracker that simplifies vehicle tracking, provides enriched data, and helps optimize fleet management.

In summary, the SIGNAL S-4651 offers an enhanced tracking experience with its advanced functionalities and easy-to-use platform. It is a scalable and flexible solution that serves to simplify fleet management operations, save costs, and improve efficiency - making it an ideal choice for any business seeking to leverage the power of GPS tracking.