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GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Jimi IoT VL03 - 4G LTE GPS Tracker

The JM-VL03 is a 4G LTE GPS tracker ideal for vehicle management. Operating on a wide 9-90V input voltage, it can be used in nearly all kinds of vehicles. With an advanced GPS antenna, it captures strong signals for more precise positioning. The built-in driving behavior analysis system and multiple alerts of this GPS tracker can notably enhance driving safety and vehicle security. Perfect for augmenting fleet management strategies.


The Teltonika FMC130 is a SiRA Dubai government-approved GPS/GNSS tracker for vehicles, essential for all rental and transport/logistics firms in Dubai. As a SecurePath Ready device, it offers real-time tracking, fuel usage reporting, driver identification, and remote ignition, ensuring reliability, safety, and full compliance with local regulations. Ideal for any fleet's diverse needs.

Advanced 4G LTE Signal S-4651 with Bluetooth

The SIGNAL S-4651 is an advanced 4G GPS tracker that guarantees precise vehicle tracking and monitoring. It features Bluetooth, a back-up battery, 1-wire, RS-232, RS-485, and 2xCAN interfaces. With dual SIM card support, SD-card support up to 32GB, and a 6 universal-input feature, it provides a reliable solution to fleet management. Its support for the MODBUS protocol and external GNSS and GSM antennas further enhance its versatility.