The AI MDVR DV435 is a top-notch, AI-powered vehicle management solution by STONKAM. Equipped with advanced algorithms, it ensures efficient fleet management, robust real-time monitoring, and secure data encryption. This versatile tool is compatible with numerous cameras and sensors, and is designed for a wide range of vehicles, enhancing safety and efficiency in operations.
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AI Algorithms

We integrate multiple algorithms such as APC, ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360, meanwhile support integration of customer self-developed algorithms to meet the needs.

High compatibility

Support AHD/TVI/CVBS cameras.

Displaying image within 8 seconds

Fast startup, displaying image within 8 seconds, the fastest speed up to 2 seconds.


Support dual compressions, improving the usage of storage space and wireless network traffic.

Video Recording Function

Support multiple modes of triggering recording, such as boot triggering recording, timing triggering recording, motion triggering recording, etc., and support 15 seconds of pre-recording, convenient to obtain evidence.

Fleet Management

PC/mobile terminal remote real-time monitoring, historical track and video query, dangerous events can be uploaded to the vehicle monitoring platforms to achieve efficient fleet management.

Convenient Operation

Support HD touch screen control, IR remote control, and flat human-device interaction interface, convenient for customers to operate.

Multi-function Access

Integration for Radar, OBD, voice intercom, speed, tire pressure, fuel consumption, temperature, door switch, vehicle weight, vibrator and other sensors access is available.


The AI MDVR DV435 by Stonkam is a high-definition, multi-channel, mobile digital video recorder that offers advanced functionality and superb performance.


  • Video input: 4CH 1080P
  • Video standard: PAL: 25FPS, NTSC: 30FPS
  • Video Compression: H264/H265
  • Video output: AHD
  • Total resources: 1080P 120FPS
  • Audio input: 4CH
  • Audio compression: ADPCM
  • Image quality: 1~8 level adjustable
  • Video bit rate: 128kbps~4Mbps/channel
  • Storage consumption: 56~1800MB/(channel*
  • Playback resolution: 4*1080P
  • Audio bit rate: 32kbps
  • Storage: SD card * 2, max 512GB
  • Alarm input: 4CH
  • Alarm output: 1CH
  • RS232: 1CH(Optional)
  • RS485: 1CH
  • CAN: 1CH
  • USB2.0: 1CH
  • Ethernet: 1CH
  • IR: optional
  • LTEmodule: optional
  • WIFI: optional
  • GPS: optional
  • Attitude sensor: optional
  • Power supply: less than 15W (without camera)
  • Operating temp. & humidity: -20~70℃, RH 80%MAX
  • Algorithms: DMS/ADAS/BSD/360AVM/APC

This advanced mobile DVR is designed with high efficiency and high-quality video recording. It supports H.264 and H.265 compression for efficient storage management. The playback resolution of 4*1080P ensures clear and high-quality video playback. The device also has a robust build to withstand temperature variations between -20℃ and 70℃.

It also supports dual SD card storage, allowing for a maximum of 512GB storage. Further, it has multiple optional features such as RS232, RS485, CAN interfaces, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and IR, offering flexibility based on user requirements. It even comes with optional features like LTE, WiFi, GPS, and an Attitude Sensor.

What significantly sets AI MDVR DV435 apart is its powerful algorithms, including DMS (Driver Monitoring System), ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), 360AVM (360° Around View Monitoring), and APC (Active Protection Control). These offer excellent safety and control features for your vehicle management system.

In summary, the AI MDVR DV435 provides superior video recording, efficient storage, and advanced vehicle control and safety features, making it a top-notch choice for efficient fleet management.

See the AI MDVR DV435 in action:


Do you have concerns about fleet management and monitoring? You're at the right place, check out the STONKAM AI MDVR DV435. It is an intelligent solution for vehicle management, capable of providing real-time monitoring, powerful recording capabilities and supports an array of advanced AI algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Several advanced AI algorithms- APC, ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360o
  • Highly compatible with AHD/TVI/CVBS cameras
  • Startup speed optimized; displays images within 8 seconds
  • Real-time monitoring & robust recording functionality
  • Efficient Fleet Management
  • Data Security/Encryption
  • User-friendly design and easy operation
  • Access to Radar, OBD, Voice intercom, Speed, tire pressure, and fuel consumption sensors for safe driving

All these features provide various scenarios fitting city buses, tourist buses, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics trucks, fire engines, and emergency vehicles.

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